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Welcome To Song Feed

Our concept is simple. 

We produce digital compilation albums featuring some of the most talented independent artists across multiple musical genres.

Every album that we sell feeds a hungry child somewhere in the world for one week.

we are looking for artists

Are you an independent artist looking to grow your fan base and make a real  difference in the​ world with your music? If so read on!

It all starts with your song​......

You send us your song to be included as a part of a digital compilation album with other artists in your genre. We market the album and dedicate a portion of the proceeds to feed hungry children around the world. Every album we sell feeds a hungry child for one week. 

get paid

 Once your compilation is released you will be issued a unique discount code that you can give your fans, share on social media or even put on a billboard. Every time someone purchases the compilation using your code they get a discount AND we pay you $3.00. That is more than twice as much as you would make selling your single as a download anywhere else! And guess what? You just fed a hungry child for a week! Wow you are awesome!

Brilliant cross promotion.......if we do say so ourselves

Think about this. Each compilation features 10-15 different artists in your genre. That's 9-14 other artists promoting the compilation to their fan base. That means that all of their fans who download the compilation are going to also be introduced to YOUR music and vice versa. All the artists get exponential exposure and more children are fed. Its a win program!

shameless self promotion......for real!

Fans LOVE artists related to a cause. Talking about your partnership with Song Feed from the stage, or on social media lets your fans know you are a part of something bigger than your own career, adds credibility to your music and helps you promote yourself without just talking about yourself. Cool huh?

Want to submit your song to be considered for one of our projects? Use the Artist Submissions tab at the top of the page.

Our World Has Lots Of Proble​ms

 Hunger Is One We Can Solve